Picochess V0.81 – Kurt

DGT e-Board Walnut Ebony

The old versions based on the assumption that if the clock is not running like in the start position a displayed message like “new game” is more important as the stopped time.
Actually during the display of some messages picochess has internally a timer deciding how long to display a message. If this timer running out but the clock is not running the display stayed on the old message.

This behaviour is changed with v0.81. The new display system will now show a stopped clock and this was the main goal of this version. I think this is a better solution.

During this development i was also able to fix a hidden bug with “alternative move” which showed up on a Revelation II chess computer. The old move was still showing with leds (which then makes up to 4 leds be enlighted). As always some other small improvements & fixes also done. Its always a good idea to keep your picochess updated.

Finally i did some improvements on display with 2 clocks. I posted already about the possibility to have a DGT Pi clock together with another clock. That could be a DGT3000 or a DGT XL clock (including a Revelation 2 computer).

For all of you who are curious why i named this release “Kurt”. On Monday, 2017/01/09 my father in law passed away. Kurt was a very fine man – me and my whole family gonna miss him. Rest in peace.


  1. What I think:
    is irresponsible of parts of you. I bought DGTPI from DGT. I bought the DGT because I would like to have the necessary support and know that the DGT has developed the project based on the Picochess.
    Nothing you put commands that we don’t understand, we are not programmers. I am disappointed, there are a number of bugs in the product of the DGT, so 300 euros for nothing.

    • Sorry, i dont understand you. If you have problems with the DGTPi clock, you should tell out your issues! “A number of bugs” i dont see, and i dont know what bugs you mean, if you not name them.
      The sold 0.75 version is quiet stable. I’m not working for DGT but i think, they made a good decision to wait for this version. You dont need to understand any programmers stuff. Use the clock as it is, everything should be fine.
      But if you want to be on the edge of features, then – yes – you need some computer knowledge otherwise enjoy the DGTPi like alot of other people doing it (can’t be so terrible [=300 EUR for nothing], since no bugs reported)

  2. OK, the bugs:
    announcement of moves to after 20 moves, Claudia engine doesn’t recognize a draw by repetition of moves, not tested in other engines. But the voice stop after 20 moves, it’s amazing.It’s not your fault. I blame the DGT for not giving the necessary support. If I wanted to have picochess, I would spend a maximum of 50 € and not 300€!
    Your project is beautiful, I say again, it is the fault of the DGT! In Forum hiarcs there’s someone else complaining about the voice. Please, let me download the laast image 81. I dont know where can I do this. Regards

    • Thanks! I’ll try to answer one by one as follows:

        • With the engine selection i dont have anything to do. I think, “claudia” is choosen, cause its relative weak, and the developers (&DGT) wanted to provide a full range of styles & powers. If you not happy with it, please choose another engine (“Stockfish” is always a good choice, and this is the engine since beginning and 100% stable and correct). If that “draw” isnt working, its the fault of the engine developer, and if thats not solved – the engine is kicked out in one of the next versions. I’ll report this problem to the guys responsible with “engines”
        • DGT sell their clocks with v0.75 version. And they decide to only support a limited function set of all. For example, you cant find any info about the webserver, the voice, revelation 2 chess computer etc. in their docu. These features are NOT supported by them – even they work. The sold version has a very old voice system based on a TTS (text to speech) system, which is alot worser in sound quality as the new system with human voices. Now if you take a v0.79 version, you can already hear the new system, but please dont mix this up with what DGT suppports. v0.79 had – on some systems – the problem that sound stops after some time – but this is solved with newer versions – but thats not DGTs fault (instead mine).
        • Im sad you want to give at most 50EUR for my work (joking!)
        • Yes, i can fully understand you want to get a ready image, instead of let picochess update itself! But as i said there is none right now. I did it for this 0.79 image, but it took me alot of time (cause im not prepared for this work). Im trying to find a better way to let picochess update itself. Producing images is not my favourite distribution system, sorry. In one of the next releases, i will address a better system to update (at least thats my plan for long). Well, with the current update system im not 100% happy, so this will come just dont know when i have time for it.

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