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picochess story continue….

Since version 0.78 picochess can speak. But it was only possible to update the voices by picochess.ini file. Thats especially a problem for all the windows users, cause the ini file is located on a linux file system. So, this version continues to let users have a good UI and bringing more features to the menu system. With the chess clock menu system is alot easier to change settings and therefore this version is a direct successor to the former voice releases.

How to setup voice?

  1. Please go to “system” inside the clock menu
  2. Choose if you want to change the computer or the user voice
  3. Choose the language
  4. Choose the speaker

If you want to change both voices please continue with the same procedure again. You can also mute the voice if you choose “mute” or something similar in the language (for example “stumm” in german). These settings are automatically safed when you exit the menu (with your last > press).

Updating from former versions

In former versions the mute voice was made with deactivating the flag from picochess.ini. Please note that from now on this function is made – as said above – with the mute functionality.

Sometimes i refactor the flag names and this also happened with this version. The name “beep-level” for example is not very detailed or clear enough and i changed it to the precise name “beep-some-level” cause that is what this flag is doing. It changes only the beep-level of the setting “some” (see beep menu). If you update, please always take a look for changed flags (a good way would be to take a look at the release page at github, here or inside the picochess.ini.example file).



  1. Hi Jürgen

    I downloaded PicoChess 0.82 at the weekend and amongst all the other advantages over the DGT supplied 0.75 I can see the display freezing bug is solved. Great work on the whole PicoChess development by the way. I just wondered if it would ever be possible in a future version to have a system option for the display show moves using a seven segment character arrangement as I find the DGT Pi lower case rendition quite confusing at times.

    All the best,

    Gary Preston

    • Hi Gary,

      thanks. Did you already meet with Al?
      Can you give me an example why the output is confusing for you? Are you speaking about a display like “g1f3” instead of “Nf3” or about to force the DGTPi to really use only the 7 digits like a XL clock would do?

      • i Jürgen,

        I am meeting with Al on Saturday.

        I am speaking of forcing the DGTPi to use seven digit/segment display like Mephisto Amsterdam / Roma / Dallas etc so yes like a XL clock I believe.

        It may seem strange, but for some reason I find “a” and “g” confusing on the DGT.



        • Hi Gary,
          ok, i understand. But honestly, i don’t want to go to an old clock display. Perhaps if you can choose by a startup flag to display moves in capital letters it would be also okay?!

  2. Hi , I am not so familliar with programming but are these lines what i have to type to ugrade from 0.79 to 0.82 ??

    sudo su
    cd /opt/picochess
    git pull

    If not , please advice.



    • Hi,
      well…in general you should activate the “enable-update” in your picochess.ini file. This way picochess will auto update itself.
      But sometimes the update doesn’t work out of the box and then you can try this way.

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