Raspbian Buster for picochess

Raspbian Buster

For over 6months there is a new raspbian available. It updates the older Stretch (for details see here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/buster-the-new-version-of-raspbian/ )

Right after its release, some picochess users tried to use this for their picochess but had some problems with bluetooth or sound. But in meantime these problems are solved.

For me – as a developer – the old version had some problems mainly gcc (the gnu C-compiler) was in an old version 6.X and alot of UCI chess programs needs a gcc8. Moving to buster also allows me to use newer python-chess versions (needs a newer python3 which is not provided by Stretch), and so on…

So after all i decided that you gonna need this base system if y want to use picochess on new versions from me. The easiest way to update is to install buster from scratch again (use a new SD-card), or y update the old Stretch like its explained on iNet or on the given webpage.

Even y not a club member – even have nothing to do with picochess (=just using the RaspberryPi hardware), it is now a good time to go to new borders and use the newest software y can get.


  1. Yes, it’s time to start using this new version 🙂

    Note: in English, it’s “you”, not “y” (same for plural/singular). It’s just two extra letters and makes it more readable.

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