picochess v0.9t – August version


This version is mainly made for the august 2019 leaving people of my club. Here are the things i did:

  • If time is <1min on one side the former picochess stops voices completely. This is done cause y probably move very fast (say <1sec) and the voice often falls behind the quick movements on board. With this version it will now speak “ok” so people would get a (short!) feedback -> i realized alot of people would feel strange and looking for an error if its totally silent. This should be better now.
  • Bugfix on uci960 with newer python-chess versions. This shouldn’t happen to y – only if y updated yr python-chess on yr own before – but safe is safe -> so its prepared for the future. And hey, please don’t update any libs yrsf. Take the ones from “requirements.txt”
  • There is a new flag “pgn_site” where y can setup your city for pgn files yrsf. If not set, it tries to get it from yr IP-adr (as before), but that isn’t that exact.
  • More engines get an ELO-value for pgn-files or webserver
  • new engine versions (arasan, stockfish, RodentIII)
  • at startup without a connected eBoard the messages were running too quickly. I reduced the rate and now it should be more in sync with the hardware
  • bugfix on “counter” menu. Before it returned to the time showing display if clock wasnt stopped before.
  • new flag “clock-speed” where y can define how quick/slow the messages should be displayed (its mainly “slowdown them” cause quicker doesn’t make alot of sense)
  • renamed alot of “voice” flags. If y are using them in yr picochess.ini please update them by hand – or alot easier: go inside the menu and set them again.


  1. Hello 🙂
    i’m looking for a way to update an old 0.9N DgtPi version to that new 0.9t ?
    can you help me ?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hello Jürgen
    In response to your email, yes I have two DGT, one of them is bluetooth and the other USB. Also, I have DGT-PI and the DGT 3000. As for what I asked you, I promise not to consult by email, I will have the patience of the chinese citizen. I pay very well for the hardware and software, but if you don’t have the time, could you refer someone to me?
    A happy New Year.

    • Hi Oswaldo,
      all OK, my friend. I just ask y to post here, cause other people can read yr question & my answer. So i dont need to say the same things again and again 🙂

  3. DGT PI or Picochess?!
    It’s unfortunate because we have to know about Linux? Where to look for support? DGT PI – The fact that the program is not friendly. Those who buy DGT Pi want technological improvements.
    We know that there is a possibility to mirror the screen of DGT PI on the computer screen to download the pgn files as well as follow the match on the computer screen.
    But the program was made for a few.
    I have no knowledge about Linux.
    DGT does not support.
    Also, the developer of picochess much less, we have to ask for who?
    Too bad for chess that.

    • Hi Oswaldo,
      DgtPi wouldnt exist without 3y free development of picochess. And frankly I’M picochess. No other developer was as crazy as me, to invest such amounts of time.
      So mainly i have to support (at least at the end of day, when its about doing something in software – like new features).
      But im one of these “few” , i know linux, and if y calculate that a developer hour is around 50€ market price and i spend lots of hours on picochess, these subscription rates are just symbolic values.
      So, its the market. If people want the “technological improvements” or f.e. easy installations they have a pay a FAIR price.
      Such money only a company like DGT can affort (but they dont want) or lots of private people, but there arent so much private people willing to pay abit for development/support. Its a hobby project, after all.

  4. Could someone please explain to me how to install the GLaDos voice with attitute & funny comments, as in the youtube video? Thanks in advance, Wendel

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