About this site

This site is dedicated to the picochess project.

I’m a main developer of this project, and i share some thoughts about this project and the DGT with its famous eBoards & clocks with you.

About me

My name is Jürgen Précour aka “LocutusOfPenguin”. I live in Karlsruhe, Germany and i’m one of the main developers of picochess. Picochess brings together a RaspberryPi and a DGT eBoard – details you can find all over this webpage.

This is my github account: and i’m working since 1.Apr 2015 for the picochess project which you can find here:

We are Picochess. Resistance is futile 🙂

Well, i’m a fan of “StarTrek – The next generation” & Linux. Therefore i’m known as LocutusOfPenguin all over the internet. The name is similar to LocutusOfBorg and a penguin. If you want to know how i look like – well that is me: (don’t take this section too serious – i’m abit joking)