Al (Scally) Cooper passed away

It is with deep shock that I unfortunately have to learn of the death of my friend Al.

Al and I have worked together for many years on the Picochess project. I was always able to get to know Al as a helpful, patient and interested person. Thanks to Al, our picochess was even better than I could ever manage on my own.

Al spent many, many hours testing my code thoroughly and making valuable comments/suggestions to further advance the project.

Al has also helped many people in the picochess community and beyond, for example, to solve installation problems. He was always very helpful and enjoyed sharing the wealth of experience he had acquired himself with others.

Scally (as he liked to call himself on the Internet) found great joy in optimizing the existing chess engines. In this context, his 60 Engines package, which he published for picochess, will never be forgotten. After my active work in the picochess community, he turned to MAME engines and, together with Dirk, set up a great project.

After I moved to Millennium, I was able to convince him again to use his expertise as a beta tester for the Phoenix. I am pleased that I – together with the Millennium Team – were able to fulfill his wish for an online function for the Phoenix.

Al enjoyed spending his free time on cruises (when he wasn’t into chess). He has now set off on his last journey.

I will remember you, dear Alan, as in the picture you kindly sent me in 2018. It shows you as a proud grandpa and I am happy that your kind hearted nature will live on in the next generation. I will miss you. Jürgen

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