Picochess Images

The old download place dl.picochess.org is no longer available. We provide the following places to download your picochess version. Please choose if you have a DGTPi or a standard RaspberryPi system. Be careful not use the DGT Pi version inside a Raspberry Pi!

As you see, i don’t offer a new image for every release. If you want to stay on top of development please use the (auto-)update function inside picochess. This also includes v0.9p and further (getting a paid plan not means y get images), sorry.
Please use – if possible – the newest version of picochess for your hardware (PI/non-PI). The older versions are only for history or special reasons.

After buring the image to your sd-card and restart the RaspberryPi picochess should be working out of the box. Just in case you want to login to your raspberryPi please use this for login: username=pi password=picochess

Picochess v0.9j – Stretch

Important: If you have an older image as v0.9J please use a newer image from below. Do not update picochess directly by the internal update system. For details take a look at this page

Picochess v0.9n – Revelation2 Pi Mode

Image for DgtPi Chesscomputer:
directly from MagentaCloud (1,1GB)

Image for Non-DgtPi Chesscomputer (working on PiZero, Pi2, Pi3, Pi3+):
directly from MagentaCloud (1,4GB)

Picochess v0.9r – red moon

This version is not freely available. You need to have at least a month plan to get it. For details see picochess-club