picochess v0.9u – Buster version

DGT e-Board Wenge Venus

This version is the successor of v0.9s and mainly focus on “set pieces” & “score”. The following things are updated/new:

  • the spoken voice “set pieces” comes back! This is spoken if the board position is wrong and no play move is displayed. The corresponding flag meaning is also changed. For details see picochess.ini.example
  • “w/b to move” is now displayed after “setup position” or “continue game”.
  • Short manual is updated
  • Bugfix: SetPieces had some problems dealing with new game positions (incl. the FRC ones)
  • some texts on clock are changed. especially “uci960” is now “frc960” for Fischer-Random-Chess.
  • speaking about FRC. I also updated the engine vajolet to 2.8. Its main advantage is the frc support now. Sadly vajolet doesnt have level support, so its still not at the first 8 positions. But im happy, there is another engine supporting this nice setup.
  • with picochess try versions you couldnt play 15moves in observe mode. This is now fixed.
  • Small changes on “update menu” (too slow before, beep problems)
  • No “continue game” in case the current position is a standard start one (incl. frc)
  • In case a board is not found, the clock is stopped. This prevents always showing nonsense times (on dgtpi)
  • If no engines installed at all, picochess crushed before (well, this shouldnt happen anyway – its useless to use picochess without any engines, ha). But now this strange situation is also handled.
  • Score display alot improved. Before clock showed something like “-.2”. Now it has leading “0”s, so this would show as “-0.02”.

To make it clear again: All subscribers (incl. quarter) can get this version on request. If y interested talk to me. Older versions are no longer available. As I said on many places: There is NO software (since Feb 2019) anymore. Sorry


    • Hi Oswaldo,
      mainly to read the hidden texts.
      But as i said on post, y might get software too.
      For this (similar procedure to Paul) i gonna send y an email on what y need to do.

  1. Hallo Jürgen,
    bin nun auch ein Subscriber. Habe Deine Seite bisher “still” verfolgt und bin Dir sehr dankbar für die Arbeit, die Du in das Thema steckst!
    Wäre sehr an dem neusten Image interessiert und wäre Dir sehr verbunden wenn Du mir den Link samt ergänzender Informationen zusenden würdest.
    Danke im voraus!
    Gruß Werner

    • Hallo Werner,

      willkommen im Club!
      Ich schicke Dir später noch eine E-Mail. Aber es sind keine “Images”, sondern ein TarGZ File…siehe “howto”

  2. Just subscribed and quite confused… where/how can I get the latest version of what I just subscribed to? I’d like to be able to set wifi on my newly arrived DGT Pi as well as maybe connect to it remotely (turning on the webserver) and maybe use remote engines on my computer too – thank you (you have my email)

    • Hi Laurent,
      as i said for example on “picochess club”, i dont offer SW (starting from feb 19) anymore. Therefore i deactivated all download links. Y get the hidden texts, my (limited) help in setup and maybe y become a FRIEND(ly) tester. But cause of corona virus (killing the rest of dev time, i had) this v0.9U is the latest version i have.

  3. Hallo Jürgen,
    danke für deine Mühe und tolle Arbeit! Könntest Du mir bitte auch eine E-Mail für die neuste Version schicken?
    Viele Grüße,

  4. Hello Jürgen,
    Can you please send me picochess v0.9u and also the latest version of pico-tool?

    Thank you an keep up the good work

  5. Bonjour Jürgen Précour!

    Hope you are ok despite the curent situation.

    Could you please provide me with instructions to obtain the latest version of your Pico-Chess package. I have been reading trough this site and others discussing Pico-Chess and I’m really Looking forward to use this software that you developped.

    Warm regards

  6. Hello Jürgen,

    I understand the software is not priority however, may I ask how long I should wait to receive instructions to get access to your software?

    Warm regards

    • Hi Raynald,
      i havent received a reply to my email on jan 17th. Since getting software is an exception (i wrote on webpage “there is no software anymore”), y (all) need to to accept what i wrote there.
      I guess the email from me or your answer is lost. So i resend it in a few mins. Sorry, if i only send it once and wait, not remind people again.

      • Hi Jürgen,

        I replied to your email accepting the conditions. Note that I had replied to the previous email also. I even sent 3 replies. Maybe my emails are not received at your end?

      • Hi Jürgen,

        Could you please let me know if you received my reply to your email?
        If not would there be another way to send the response?

    • Hi Simon,
      really? That makes me worried:-) There is no picochess software anymore, despite exception(s), im doing from time to time, aehm.

    • Hi Raynald,
      strange…The email received/send seems to be a problem.
      I just send y the file (again). Hopefully it works now.
      Sorry, Jürgen

      • Hi Jürgen,

        No worries, I now received the file, thank you very much.
        Just to clarify, did you finally receive my emails?


  7. Hi Jurgen
    Please excuse my lack of CSS knowledge. I have tried for hours but failed.
    I just want to make the “DGT Pi” buttons on the PicoChess webserver page bigger. I am using a touchscreen and need them bigger without upsetting the whole layout.
    Can you help?

    Thanks anyway.

    • Hi Simon. Im very very busy right now.
      Your question is “above the limits of support”. But i can tell y this:
      The buttons are made with “bootstrap3” , and y just need to change these classnames.
      Cause i dont know which buttons exacty y want to change, i cant say more.

  8. Hi Jurgen,
    Could you please send me a link to the latest version of V0.9u Buster to LMTANG@MAC.COM? and the latest version of pico tool? this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  9. Hallo Jürgen,
    bin neu hier bin Dir dankbar für die Arbeit, die Du in das Thema steckst.
    Ich wäre sehr an dem neusten Image interessiert und würde mich freuen, wenn Du mir den Link samt ergänzender Informationen zusenden würdest.
    Danke im voraus!
    Gruß Erich

  10. Good afternoon, Jürgen,

    Ditto the request for your Picochess download v0.9u.

    Please, forgive the ignorant (uninformed) question, but I assume I may update my DGT Pi hardware by copying your latest PicoChess v0.9u to DGT Pi’s via its SD Micro Card, yes?

    Thank you for the help!


    • Hi Denny,
      I’ll send y an eMail with instructions (how to get 09U).

      Short answer:
      Y have to override the Picochess folder. I do NOT provide an image, y can just burn to SDCard.

  11. Hi Jürgen, I start today with the DGT Pi and and the subscription. Plase let me know how to get the newest version and how to to install ist on sd card. regards, Jens

    • Hi Jens,
      I’ll send y an eMail with instructions (how to get 09U at first).
      Howto install it, is described on this webpage already.

  12. Hi, Jürgen,
    I just paid the quarter but don’t know how to download the Picochess-image. The Magenta link doesn’t work. Thought it would after paying but unfortunately I don’t succeed in downloading anything.
    What to do? I need some help. Have a DGT 3000, a Raspberry PI 3B+ and an USB DGT e-board.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hallo Frank,
      Die Megenta Links prüfe ich mal. Allerdings gehen die nur zu den freien(!) picochess Versionen, die auch schon veraltet sind.
      Meine Versionen kann man nicht mehr bekommen, weil es eben “komische” Leute gibt – steht ja auch auf der Webseite. Falls du trotzdem daran Interesse haben sollest (09U), kann ich es Dir zur Verfügung stellen. Dann bitte erneut Feedback. In dem Fall schicke ich Dir dann eine eMail für das weitere Vorgehen.
      VG Jürgen

      • Hallo, Jürgen!
        Ja, ich wäre dir sehr dankbar, wenn du mir deine Version zur Verfügung stellen könntest. Meine Mail Adresse hast du wohl durch meine Anmeldung.
        Wo gibt es aber aktuelle Versionen? Habe nirgendwo etwas gefunden.

    • Hallo Guido,

      Wenn du zB hier https://picochess.com/picochess-com-club/ schaust steht da “keine Software” seit Feb 2019. Gleiches Spiel für https://picochess.com/picochess-images/

      Ich verschicke meine SW auf freiwilliger Basis (und nach Bestätigung einiger Regeln, die ich damals aufstellen musste, wegen “komischer” Personen). Jeder der (dann) wollte, hat es bisher auch bekommen.
      Nun ist es aber nicht gerade hilfreich, sofort ein PP-Fall aufzumachen 🙁 Sooooo schnell kann ich Dir ja garnicht antworten.

  13. Hello, please email me the link to download picochess v0.9u – Buster version, which I understand is the latest. Many thanks and kind regards,


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