Picochess Images

The old download place dl.picochess.org is no longer available. We provide the following places to download your picochess version. Please choose if you have a DGTPi or a standard RaspberryPi system. Be careful not use the DGT Pi version inside a Raspberry Pi!

As you see, we don’t offer a new image for every release. If you want to stay on top of development please use the (auto-)update function inside picochess.


Picochess v0.9i – chess clock

Image for DgtPi Chesscomputer:


Picochess v0.9j – Stretch

Due to Rodent3 newest engine using a new c-lib now you need to update your picochess image to a stretch version. That means, you need to burn a new image before updating.

If you are a non dgtpi user please use the image from 0.9e https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9qWkOu8LbC8dlhRdEM0cTVFWTQ (1,1GB).

If you have a dgt Pi please use the v0.9j https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B132_vnhmkYgTkZNMzlURUJRVUk one.

From this stretch version you can update to newer versions of picochess. Please dont update directly from a (maybe) underlying Jessie system. Im aware that this is not so smooth as other updates before but its needed to keep uptodate with futher linux/engine (not picochess) developments. For details see here