picochess V0.80 – Christmas

7'' Display for RaspPi

After some time i released a new version “picochess v0.80” with its codename “Christmas”.

Why “Christmas”? Well, first its released as a gift to all the picochess lovers and secondly its made out of “Christ-mas” where “Christ” is also standing for “Christ-ine” 😉

Since its very early beginning the serial communication between picochess and the DGT hardware is based on the assumption that the serial bytes send are always valid. This is mainly true for the modern hardware from DGT but some people had strange errors with their USB-only hardware. I discussed this with DGT Technologies and we came up with a source code, where this assumption of valid packages is now verified. This leads to a better user expirence and was the main goal for developing this release.

Also i put out my old C knowledge and updated the engine code of Rodent II, to obey the path of books given inside as personalities. If you select “no-book” from picochess together with a given personality of Rodent II you will now get an answer following the internal Rodent II book system. Please keep in mind that in this case picochess won’t say “book” even its from Rodent2 book.

Finally the picochess – Revelation II bug with showing 4 LEDs is solved. This mainly happened during sliding of pieces.

Another big improvement of picochess is the massive update of voices. There my thanks going especially to C(h)ristine from DGT Technology. Picochess is now able to speak french, spanish and dutch which means, that now all menu languages are also available as move sounds. Update: Sadly Christine left DGT in 2017 so, there won’t be updates to her voices (actually not needed right now – but who knows what happening in the future)

This will be the last release for 2016. More to come in 2017. All of you i wish a happy new year.


  1. Hello, I tried to download this update (I enabled the auto-update in the picochess.ini)

    but on the logfile of my DGT Pi it says that I’m on the most current version (0.79)

    Thank you for all your work

    • Hi Riccardo,
      if your logfile giving no errors just saying “most current version” then you’re on a different branch as jromang.
      How you get your sdfile content (where you got your image, did you update already before etc)?
      You may also try to login to your DGTPi and enter this:
      cd /opt/picochess
      git remote show origin

      I’m esp interested in the URL’s output stuff.

      • It was the 0.79 .img found on this site in the “picochess images” section, never updated before…

        this is the output of the show origin command:

        * remote origin
        Fetch URL: https://github.com/jromang/picochess.git
        Push URL: https://github.com/jromang/picochess.git
        HEAD branch: master
        Remote branches:
        gh-pages tracked
        master tracked
        stable tracked
        Local branch configured for ‘git pull’:
        master merges with remote master
        Local ref configured for ‘git push’:
        master pushes to master (local out of date)

        • OK, this should work. Well, the easiest way to continue is: doing the update yourself.
          Login to your DGTPi and enter following commands:

          sudo su
          cd /opt/picochess
          git pull

          The “pull” should work without errors. Then restart/reboot your DGTPi.

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