picochess running on a Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display

Picochess v0.75 running on official RaspberryPi Display

Picochess runs not only on small displays like the KUMAN picochess release v0.77 instead it also runs on middle sized displays like this official 7” Touchscreen Display. Here is a video how to set it up (first)

Also Al buyed this display and here are some pictures from him running a picochess v0.75 on it (the newer releases will run even better) cause the 0.77 updates will also make the webserver display behave better on such touch screens.

7'' Display Raspberry from backwards

Picochess v0.75 running on official RaspberryPi Display7'' Display for RaspPi


  1. I’m not a super computer expert sorry.Please someone can explain what is meant by webserver display to use with with Picochess. I trying to get the image of the Board of picochess on a pc/tablet/display of raspberry but I find many videos with this image but but no explanation at all on haw to generate the image.

    • Hi Giorgio,
      no problem. Have you taken a look here:

      The image file you can find at:
      If you wait abit, maybe you are lucky and can get even a v0.82 image.

      What hardware you have? Esp. do you have a DGTPi or not?

      The picochess webserver is a program running on side of the picochess dealing with the dgt hardware. Its not needed for playing with the dgt board/clocks, but give extra information to your finger tips. For example, you can search over famous games or study the opening of these games (similar to chessbase).
      To activate this webserver, y need to provide some startup flags at picochess.ini and then use a webbrowser to point it to yr raspberryPi adress. But you’re right: i should provide a complete documentation for it 😉

  2. Thanks Jurgens. Now I read the documentation and I hope to figure it out.
    I have a DGT chessboard usb and a DGT 3000 clock.
    I installed picochess on raspberry pi 3 and tried olso to manually install picochess on a raspberry pi 3 with screen (this post) but unfortunately just in the last statement the istallation process gives me error in the file picochess.py (missing module chess … line) . I’ll tray nex time
    Thanks for your kind reply.

  3. OK now I understood. I used the term image and this created some confusion (I apologize for my English).
    The second part of the note is clear. To activate the flags should I open the ini file?
    I log in to raspberry pi via shh but couldn’t connect through http://raspberrypi.local:8080

    • Yes, you must first activate the webserver. Please go to “picochess.ini” and uncomment the line:
      # web-server = 8080
      Afterwards reboot the raspberryPi

  4. Thanks for the replies.
    Unfortunately picochess does not seem to work with my DGT chessboard. Perhaps depends on whether my DGT has USB connecction and not Bluetooth .

    Again thanks

    • It will also work with (old) usb-only eBoards, dont worry.
      Does it work before (without webserver)? Or do y still get this error “missing module…” << sadly, you didnt provide the whole text. But this "missing module" means basically, you not installed "pip3" stuff successfully (see docu). If you can login to your rasp, you can also start picochess by hand to see main errors...use "python3 /opt/picochess/picochess.py -c" and see if y get any errors. Stop it with "ctrl-c". Im trying to help you - but i need more info. Its in general better you take an image from here cause this should work out of the box (manual install is abit more complex)

  5. Jurgens!
    I made two installations on two different raspberry. On a raspberry normal (no screen) I installed the image of picochess and installation presented no problems but can’t get it to operate with DGT usb (I bought the chessboard a month ago). With the other Raspberry (with screen) with the standard operating system jessie I tried to do the manual install but I get an error when I try to start up manually picochess (a message that i remeber was pig3 alredy present). I’ll tray a new installation. Probably I do some mistake.My proget was to replicate what was done in in this post.

  6. I’ve logged into the webserver.. game mode is set to normal, engine is stockfish. I move but the computer never makes a move! Also it just says noBoard in the info box.

    How can I just play the computer on screen?

    • Hi Carl,
      without a DGT board? Y need to use the “-c” flag/parameter at startup.
      But its not very convenient without DGT board.

          • Hey, thanks for the help. Hmm, I had that uncommented too. Still showing noBoard. I just wish the computer would make it’s move!

            I’ll try a manual install over a Rasputin install and see if it makes any difference.

  7. “no board” can only show up, if its NOT in console mode. If your automatic startup (by service) doesnt work, y can still try to start it by hand (providing the flags on command line). For this y must stop the service before or use a different webserver port.

    What version y are using? Where y got it from?

    But as i said, if y not a developer y wont have alot of fun with picochess without dgt board. picochess is tailored to use dgt hardware.

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