picochess V0.79 – Italian

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Luigi offered his help to let picochess speaking with his mother language (italian). I asked him if he can also translate the menu system to italian. He agreed and picochess v0.79 finally supports a new language in menu display and sound.

Also Christian wants to give something back to picochess and he recorded the voice of his son Jan-Niclas. Jan-Niclas is 10years old, playing chess for 4 years already and now the first kid to speak to us picochess lovers in german (actually its austria dialect).

Finally Al finished some more voice records so i could change the sounds of queen placement from a simple “ok” to a detail sound like “ok engine”.

Despite this voice improvements i was able to fix a bug with the revelation II chess computer at first move. During this fixing i learned alot about the Revelation and its api to control the square leds. Actually, it was done wrong for some time and i corrected this during my fix. Thanks for reporting this problem goes to Rudolf. He also reported another problem with this chess computer when you take back moves. This bug is still there but it only happens in special situations and i had another more serious problem to solve:

People reported that the voice from v0.78 stops working after some moves. Internally i’m using a system called “python-sounddevice”. Until the owner of this project (Matthias Geier) find out what the cause could be, i changed my usage of sounddevice abit. Users of picochess v0.79 must install another package called “vorbis-tools”.

I hope after Matthias found out the problem i can return to a pure python solution. Anyway, for the moment the voice system running very well.

Update: Matthias fixed the problems but picochess now staying with “vorbis-tools”, basically cause its alot easier to install (just one package and no compile needed for a raspberry pi). The newer versions (v0.8x) of picochess even have a speed-factor now, to let the ogg files be send out quicker & slower. So, we probably not going back to sounddevice – but thats not cause it won’t work.


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