picochess v0.76 – the ponder mode

v075 running on kuman

Picochess v0.76 introduces a new interaction mode “Ponder” which can be also activated with wQf5. This ponder mode combining the “analysis” & “kibitz” mode showing each part for 2 secs in rotation. The kibitz mode is also updated. Before it shows the value only but now its a combined display for brute-force depth together with the current value. Based on limited chars on XL clocks only (and therefore also for a Revelation II) the maximum shown value is +/- 9.99. Anyway, such games should be ended anyway, its unlikely that the worser side can catchup with this.

This is my favourite mode for doing Analysis. Last sunday (2016.10.23) i played a tournament game and i shortly show you how to use this ponder mode to get better insides in what you did well and where you can improve your game.

I take my record paper. I play in “Verbandsliga”; 4th highest class in germany – and we have to give out our game record to the german chess federation (which i hate – my moves&errors are (c) by me – okay that’s another story). Now i prepare the hardware (DGT eBoard, DGT 3000 plus picochess running on a RaspberryPi3) place the wQ on F5 (new ponder mode), and begin to play the moves on the board.

During i’m doing so, i can see how stockfish (or any other engine you like) would judge the position. The big advantage over “analysis” or “kibitz” modes is that i can concentrate on the game and don’t need to press the “<” or “-” button to see the other info like i had to do before.

My opponent just moved 30..Rc7-c1.

That is a blunder. That time i was already in time trouble and couldn’t find the best way to win (easily). But after move 40 (time control over) i finally get my win. Can you find out what the best move for black instead of Rc1 would have been or how to punish this blunder as white? You can also setup any position with the position menu and try out yourself (perhaps with ponder mode on). Or give it a try with your own game. It’s really fun and during the game replaying you can learn very easily what other possibilities you have missed.

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