picochess v0.9f – clock time

picochess on a 4k TV

This release is a successor of v0.62 where i first updated the clock timing model. All the time picochess has an internal timer and the timers from the chess clocks. At startup they are synchronized but based on the serial connection and a delay in command processing they could be out of sync soon – mainly on DGT-XL clocks. On v0.62 i did some steps to vastly improve it, but the problem not completely solved.

With this version i use the clock times send back to picochess as master and let the internal timer be the slave (so i changed the priority order). That should by theory result in fewer jumps of times for the user. If you have more then one chess clock running – like a DGT-Pi and a Revelation II chess computer, you would then have 3 or 4 timers. To solve this, i decided that the DGT-Pi is the master of DGT clocks, followed by serial connected clocks like a DGT-3000 and last the webserver clock.

Despite this relative big update i did the following:

  • update the documentation / manuals
  • new engine Rodent III
  • in case you haven’t installed “sox” you could get crushed – thats now fixed.
  • display “exit” again, when you leave the menu with queen placement or moving the displayed move (it was turned off some time ago)

Due to the update of rodent if you have your own rodentII uci files prepared, you must update this to the new rodentIII system (basically copy the files in the rodent3 folder – please take care the new path system of rodent).

My friend Al got a new 4k curved TV. So i asked him to check the display with picochess. The title picture is the result. As you can see picochess is capable to run on big and on small kuman displays 🙂

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