picochess v0.9b/c – Elo engine

Updates done in v0.9b

  • Now you can setup your own elo rating with a startup parameter. This ranking will be shown in webserver, emailed to you inside the pgn file. So you don’t need to edit this afterwards. Also i changed the elo rating for the various chess engines. Each engine now shows the ccrl  40/40 rating. Please take into account that these ratings are only a hint. If you use more cores or have worser hardware (for example a raspberry pi 1 or raspberry pi zero) the real elo rating can be higher or fewer. At least this is better as the standard “2900” from before no matter what engine you choosed.
  • New engine “galjoen” instead of “claudia” due to problems with claudia.  Al and me had some problems with this engine. Sadly thats not the first time we had problems, so finally i decided to remove it. Dirk-Jan Dekker came up with an alternative which is Galjoen v0.36. Galjoen also has levels and an UCI960 mode making it a good alternative to stockfish.  Due to levels, you can set this engine similar weak as Claudia been. I’m also very happy to have an alternative in UCI960 game playing to stockfish.
  • For long you can setup a different non standard time. Picochess offers already 24 time modes, but people asking for different ones too. This system is working but had the problem that you can’t change this user defined time easily. Now i updated picochess so, that this time is part of the clock time menu which let you have one extra time mode fully working like the standard ones.

Updates done in v0.9c

  • If you use the webserver and its “engine” calculation (its a stockfish5 running inside the webserver), you got a problem if you want to copy this calculated variant inside the game record. This is now working again.
  • picochess is now prepared for the new “zurichess luzern” engine. Its not inside right now, mainly cause its writted in “Go” language. I prefer engines to be in “C” or “C++”, so it could be, i will remove this engine after some time. Sorry.
  • New game positions are automatically recognized (incl. with reversed board). That didn’t worked with a reversed uci960 position. This is now fixed.
  • bugfix setup position from v0.9.


    • Hi Peter,
      there is no such image (as i said already, its hard to produce this if the system isn’t prepared – and mine is not). I’m sorry.
      Please do not update to v0.9c instead go directly to v0.9d due to bugfixes done in 0.9d.

      I hope someone can do this for you.

    • Hi Peter,

      i dont see a reason why it shouldnt work (but i dont have such Banana). You need to make the image, and setup stuff all for yourself (there will never be a “ready-to-use” image for this hardware, i guess).
      Connecting it as a DGT-Pi (see my post there), is a different story cause the timing is different to a RaspberryPi. But standard usage should be OK.

    • picochess has an internal webserver. You can try to browse to yr rasp IP adr like “http://raspberrypi” , or “http://raspberrypi:8080” – consult your router for its IP. But it depends if your picochess (image) has this webserver activated. If that doesnt work, you need to edit “/opt/picochess/picochess.ini” and remove the “#” infront of the webserver line (see docu there) & reboot.

      • Ok, I may have to try it sometime. Also I was wondering how to install new engines to picochess and if mcbrain (variation of stockfish ) will be able to run on picochess/raspberry

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