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Have you missed some text for the picochess v.077? Well, i always wanted to have a chess computer with DGT eBoard but it must be small, kute and closed (i don’t like to see alot of electronics). During we discussed an old picochess release with PiFace interface (which come nearest until now to my dream of a chess computer) Peter told me about this Kuman Display.

I was full of joy and wanted to try what i can do for it. So, i ordered this display let picochess v0.76 run on it and here you can see the first result:

v075 running on kuman

This display only has 320×480 pixels, so i had to shrink the webserver display alot (as you can see). Picochess already working but i don’t want to scroll down or to the side so here is the next version – its already alot better but still not the end of this journey.

better display for picochess v0.75

There is some protection foil on the display – so, the blue circle and the scratches aren’t there – the display is fully ok and all this for only 33€. Not bad, isnt it?

Anyway, the current webserver display is even smaller, you can see even more without scrolling. Here is another picture, i shot this afternoon:



  1. Hello and congratulations! For my part I do not arrive at this result! I’m too bad! Do you have a version of your system to download? In any case thank you for having read!

    • Hi,
      you can find the newest version for download here: Picochess v0.79
      But this is not made for the KUMAN display, so you need to go over the steps in setup the display (see Kuman Website).

      On my Kuman-System is did the following:
      Take the image which you can find on their webpage and manually update it to picochess like explained here:
      Manual install of picochess

      But there is no prepared version for the picochess-KUMAN-display until now. I’ll try to provide this in the future but it can take abit time.

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