DGTPi arrived at DGT Company


DGTPi Chess Clocks arrived at DGT

DGT informed me today that the first batch of new chess clocks DGTPi are ready for selling! I would expect them to deliver to the local sellers very soon. DGT announced this new product some months ago and finally they almost in the players houses.

Alot of chess lovers already preordered them at their local sellers. Despite the fantastic user interface this clock provides, there is also one more reason to buy it if you already have a Revelation 2 chess computer.

Only this clock allows you to link together (over bluetooth) the Revelation II. You can use the picochess features (including have working buttons) on your DGTPi and also enjoy the Revelation II advantages like the square lights.

I personally have a bluetooth eBoard. And don’t have so much cables laying around is just wonderful. Inside the dgtpi clock is a RaspPi3 running (therefore the name “DGTPi”) which has onboard bluetooth & wlan so you don’t even need to buy more hardware.


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