picochess V0.83 – Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau concert card

This version continues to increase the user friendliness of picochess. There were two flags inside picochess.ini which can’t be changed with the clock menu before. One is the “ponder-time” which decides how long you can see each info (best move & position value) when you choose the new ponder mode and the other is if you get confirmation messages after -mainly- a move display.

This is now changed and the only settings left are the ones where you need more space as a DGT clock can support. As an example setting up your eMail adress needs more 11 digits (at most) and some chars (like a “@”) can’t be displayed at all. All these settings will be made available in a user friendly matter by picochess webserver in one of the next releases.

Picochess V0.83 also obeys the RaspberryPi problem with setting up a network device in time. This version will wait 10secs to allow the RaspberryPi to be ready.

Since V0.75 a Revelation 2 chess computer is automatically found. But the flags for the Revelation II not took this into account. Now you can only switch off the LEDs of the Revelation. If you not give such flag inside the LEDs are turned on.

Also from this version on picochess will report on the DGT Clock that it is currently updating. Thats the start of a new update system i gonna implement in future releases. Please stay tuned 😉

So far that are the main advantages of this release. If you want to take a closer look please go here: Release Page

During this development (i changed alot of code inside for the clock menu), i got the bad news that one of my favourite singers “Al Jarreau” died 🙁 His songs were always around me for over 20years. Oh well this year is not good. Its already the second person passed away – at its only month two. If you want to find out more from him please go to his webpage Some weeks ago i buyed a ticket to join his concert in the city i’m living. I was full of joy to get one of the last tickets available (see picture) but now i can’t see him anymore live. I dedicate this release to him. Rest in peace.


  1. Hi, I can’t get the SSH connection work with v0.83 because of a “connection refused error”. I’m very new here. So probably I’m wrong with some settings or my whole setup. Is the SSH server using the default Port 22? Do I have to enable / disable some Features in Putty?


    • Hi Ron,

      what image you are using? You can try to login via ssh (port 22) on the ip you see if y go to the menu > system > ip.
      There is no special stuff you need to follow – if you can reach your RaspPi (with “ping” for example), it should work with your putty too.
      Username/Passwort should be “pi” & “picochess” (depending on yr image).


  2. Hi Jürgen,
    ping works fine. But SSH service seems to be disabled. I decided to download v0.79 which works as aspected. Later I got the final patch level via auto update und auto installation. Now I am very happy! Thanks a lot for this great piece of software. (I could imagine to make the extra connected chess clock needless by adding some LCD support – my dream would be using the Raspberry with a connected digit/LCD and powerbank – and have a very clean chessboard without any wires)

  3. Hi Ron,
    great it works for you now!

    Concerning the “all-in-one” solution: You might have a look here: http://picochess.com/picochess-v0-77-kuman-display/
    this will also work without any clock connected with newer versions of picochess (>=v0.85)
    I haven’t tried it out with a kuman display on newer versions of picochess, but i don’t see a big problem why this shouldn’t work.

  4. Guten Tag,

    ich habe mir von Ihrer Homepage vor kurzem das Picochess V0.83 Image für meinen DGT Pi geladen und aufgespielt. Mein Ziel war, auch mit dem Pi Computer die Datenbankfunktion nutzen zu können. Nach den Umstellungen in

    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    auto wlan0
    allow-hotplug wlan0
    iface wlan0 inet dhcp
    wpa-ap-scan 1
    wpa-scan-ssid 1
    wpa-ssid “DEIN-WLAN-NAME”

    konnte ich den Pi auch endlich an mein Wlan anbinden, so dass er eine IP Adresse zugewiesen bekommt.

    Wenn ich diese in meinen Webbrowser eingebe, kann mein PC allerdings keine Verbindung herstellen. Woran kann das liegen? Muss ich den Datenbankzugriff oder weitere Wlan Funktionen freischalten?

    Ich würde mich über Ihren Rat und ihre Hilfe sehr freuen.
    Vielen Dank und viele Grüße,


    • Hi Christoph,

      i hope y have nothing against i post in english.

      The database of games, the webserver etc. are for long part of picochess. At least since 2 years, that means, even your DGTPi (0.75) had it. But its not activated there.

      To activate the webserver (and that also incl. the db), you need to change your picochess.ini file. There must be a line “web-server = 8080”, inside (without the “#”), then restart, and point your webbrower to “rasp-ip-adr:8080”.
      If you live in germany, y can also post a telefon number or your eMail adr, if you have further questions. Its abit complex to explain the whole webserver and its setup by comments.

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